About Us

The Legassick family bought this plot of land, previously part of a sugar cane field, in Ocean Drive, Shakas Rock in 1974. Some years passed before building commenced. The brief to the architect was to design a Sardinian styled family home with a warm ‘welcoming’ feel. This was successfully achieved as family, friends and visitors to the home all express the feeling of being ‘hugged’ as they enter from the driveway!
Building was very slow at the time – truck loads of loose clay bricks from Corobrick had to be ordered and paid for at least six months in advance! The house took almost two years to build and the family moved into a barely completed home in 1981.

The name arose when the owners returned from a holiday in Greece where they had stayed on the island of Skiathos in the Aegean Sea. Lalaria is the name of a very beautiful beach on the island, which in those days was totally undeveloped and uninhabited and could only be accessed by boat. The clear blue of the sea, the brilliant white of the marble cliffs and the excited feeling of anticipation one has in the tummy as one’s boat approaches the arch, reminded them of their home with the blue of the pool, the white of the house and the arch at the entrance!

When Cyclone Demoina struck the region in 1984, the house stood firm with no damage to the building apart from a few roof tiles blowing off. The damage in the garden was quickly rectified. Several species of palm trees were planted in the early days, most of which are still thriving including the Yellow Latan, endemic to the Mascarene Islands, with its very large palmate leaves. The tallest palm in the garden is the Washingtonia which is almost 50 years old and once saved a driver’s life (see photo) The two signature coconut palms growing on the seaside of the house reached their maximum life span and sadly died during the first covid lockdown.